Friday, 15 July 2016

Square power Game of Pak-Afg –Iran-Saudi Arabia and India

Border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is supposed heaven of terrorist. After the defeat of Russia Talban has started to nourish. America used the Mujahids against Russia through Pakistan army and intelligence agencies at that time in 1979.
Unfortunately there are two extremes in Islam seatrain Wahabi and Shia. Wahabi is backed by Suadia Arabia anyhow and Shia is supported by Iran. Similarly many extremism organization some are regional and some are international like Al Quidde and Hezbollah such type of regional subsidy organizations are working nearly all Islamic countries. Some are more fanatics and some less.
In Afghanistan nearly 70% population is Whabi minded or have soft corner for wahabi . Similar the case of Khyber Puktun khowa   province of Pakistan connected with Afghanistan. Emerging name we can say Afghan wahbi in to Haqqani group, Talban and some other small groups. In Pakistan these  group called Pakistani Talban, Lashkar Tiaaba and Sippah Sahba and Lashkar Jangvi.
Pakistan Army is trying to contain these group any how since last 10 year with help of America also.
In Afghanistan Nattoo forces are trying to minimize the influence of Talban , Alquiddah and other subsidiary groups.
As we see 70% Population of Afghanistan has soft corner for Wahabis and Talban similary in Pakistan Province people have sympathies with Wahabies or disgusting against shia . This Talban or Wahabi Idiology can not be fully cleaned as this was or is a stretregic tool of Pakistan forces or to support such group was a Pakistan foreign policy. Now fighting of Pakistani forces first time in history againt Talban is a U turn from foreign policy, security policy and regional policy. In Indian occupied Kashmir these subgroup were active due to which Kashmir policy is also effected.
All the wars in Muslim countries have relation of these two prominent sectarianism like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more countries.
Similarly Hezbollah and Israel and Philistine are fighting since many years

To counter terrorism these two extremist groups should be checked. Countries Foreign policy must be independent of these groups. Iran and Saudi Arabia should play soft and positive role to resolve the peace in the Muslim world.